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Hello world, hello 2015 !

Welcome to my blog !

December 2014 plants & florals was born and raised within 1 month... after a lifetime of gathering experience. A flying start indeed with allready more work then time.

The website is up, the businesscards are made and most of them allready handed out, Hype hairdressers got a make over for Xmas, Seven days art of living is our first mayor in store sales point, with special plants being sold as we speak.

In the meantime more projects are underway: realizing interior garden in a realestate office, possible photoshoor project for large flower grower, advice, design and creating outside piece for italian restaurant creating more special green and interior projects. Also finishing warehouse rebuild and interior desing, as also refurbishing a design villa overlooking a naturezone.....

All in all it will be a busy time ...2015, here we come let's grow and roll !


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